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Thoinot Arbeau (1519-1595) - Révérence
Fabritio Caroso (1526/1535 - 1605/1620)
Kellom Tomlinson - Single dance (1735)

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. (…) Dance is a song of the body.
Either of joy or pain
(Martha Graham)

Dance is a means of expressing inner feelings. But looking back in time and examining the history of dancing, we realise that dance may express social realities as well, relating stories about a certain period of time. We just have to learn to listen to them.
Dance can not be torn out of its context; it can not be separated from the costumes or from the timeframe it was used in.

Living in a city rich in historic monuments that were raised during the 13th—18th centuries, the aim of the Passeggio Dance Ensemble is to evoke the specific atmosphere of these centuries through different activities open to the public.
And because in the background of the numerous political battles, recorded through historical data, there lies a fascinating world, one less well known, we concentrate ourselves on rediscovering dancing, gastronomy, clothing, social conduct, the ways of spending leisure time from the European region (especially Italy, France, England, Spain, but Transylvania as well).
We try to be as authentic as possible within all our activities: through the music, the dance steps and choreographies, the costumes sown by us – all of these are attentively documented.
Moreover, some of our members have had the opportunity to attend master courses with such choreographers as Gábor Kovács (Budapest, Hungary), Széll Rita (Sopron, Hungary), François Denieau (within the course of the Academy from Sablá at Bucureşti) or to participate in projects of dancer and choreographer Mary Collins form the Royal College of Music, London.

In the following we will present, according to different time periods, the historical dances we are dealing with.

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